Go Phygital with Your marketing campaigns: Plan differently

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Marketing is an art of convincing consumers to buy the product of a particular brand. Numerous strategies tactics have evolved to empower brand to attract more customers. Initially, it was only limited to physical campaigns. The advent of digital platforms slowly changed the scenario of companies enthusiastic to utilize the social media networks more for marketing their brand. Now, the trend of solely digital marketing is slowly fading out. People now want the credible physical presence of the company but in an innovative way. That is why it is time to go ‘phygital’ with social media marketing campaigns. The merging of ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ has revolutionized the overall approach toward marketing.

Be 'Phygital' because Customers are 'Phygital'

The convergence of physical and digital approaches is justified because online users have a real existence and they are to own and use a product physically after all! Thus, live demonstration events are appreciated by the consumers when they experience those through their own eyes. According to a 2013 eConsultancy report, 40% US consumers find the nearest store of a specific retailer via smartphone.

Engage the Consumers

Users feel appreciated when they are interacted with. You have obviously noticed that the potential customers love it when they are involved in the marketing activity. A 'phygital' campaign should be engaging and engrossing in nature. Planning a contest is an interesting method. KitKat Australia arranged a contest where customers had to buy a product to enter a digitally run contest. This is a very common but effective way of implementing ‘phygital’. You can come up with your own plan but do not forget to focus the mass centrally.

Infuse New Technology

This is the age of not being technically correct but technologically one-of-its-kind. Users find it fascinating if they can access the digital arena from a physical realm. The Argentinean club called Club Atlético Tigre offered its fans to enter the stadium with "Passion Ticket" on the basis of their excitement level. A RFID microchip was infused in each fan’s body to measure the excitement level via special scanners at every entrance. Implantation of 1000 chip was reported within two days of the campaign launch. 3D projection mapping as a marketing tool has also gained immense popularity as patterns through lights were created on huge geometric structures.

Be Quirky

Anything odd and weird strikes human eyes very easily. This is the main reason behind the huge success of “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” advertising campaign. It was started as a television commercial but it became an internet viral because of the quirky way of speaking about unrelated things by the man in the clip. You may choose any one or combine each to create a great 'phygital' campaign for your customer experience to increase your brand value. A prudent mixture of strategies that are backed by research are sure to bring in huge results.

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