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Here are a couple of program store guidelines you could remember.

1. Make certain there arent any links that are broken

Anticipate if the links included inside the program are broken and if they are likely to really be rejected on the program store and dont work.

2. Lost info

Your sales pitch to future users is the information they read in the programs description. More than the possible danger of having your program rejected, you risk reducing the no of users who install the program. By getting the content in order, this could be avoided by you.

3. Prevent submitting duplicate apps

In case the program has been rejected before, its not smart to submit it again under another name, design, theme. There would need to be new attributes that would make the difference. Otherwise, the application will be rejected again. In addition, contemplate improving the user experience so more users would find it useful as opposed to merely a market.

4. Never underestimate optimization of the app store

Similar to search engine optimization for web sites, investing money and time into this would make your program more observable. This can be critical throughout the first period where the program is yet to start developing traction. Paid acquisition of users can also be a trick which could increase program downloads quickly. If you are well-financed, the scenario changes.

5. Review the payload size

Its known to most users that installing a lot of applications can slow down the apparatus due to memory consumption. The lesser space your program takes on users, the better.

6. Concentrate on supplying a useful and distinctive experience

Dont blow off the other applications which are already present in the class you will upload to. In case your program is quite comparable to the others, users might consider it useless at all times, and the application might be rejected as well.

7. Streamline or fix user enrolment procedure

Its always great to execute social network integration in the user signup process. In the event you selected not to do that, the signup procedure should be simple to comprehend for all users.

8. Give value to logo design

Creativity could make a huge difference in marketing your program. It gives a distinguishing look to the program. A catchy logo design will make the program look useful and more visible to users.

9. Address problems mentioned in evaluations and reviews

Even when your program has 3 or 4 stars out of 5, havoc can be wreaked by a number of poor reviews at the top. New users whore about to download the program see the new ones first. Even when itll take time to make those changes, you must have at least reacted to those users. That could be more inclined to download your program and is an indicator of dedication for other users.

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