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The value of UX is often underrated as companies give more priority to their product promotion and sales. Better UX design paves the way for better business. Some findings by Adobe inform that the market share of creative design companies is 1.5 times greater and companies that are attentive to design and usability have surpassed their performance by 219%. These striking statistics are enough to rush for building an excellent UX design.

Why UX has to be Good

The website is the face of a company on the internet. Most of the users judge a company primarily on the basis of their online interface. If it takes longer than few seconds for a user to understand how a website or an app works, then it loses potential customers. User experience is the most important factor in search engine optimization as well. Google algorithms assesses each website in terms how useful and convenient it is to the users.

Appearance Matters

A unique presentation of website always attracts eyes which are used to looking through conventional and old designs. For example, earlier a website used to be segregated into some typical pages. Each page was dedicated to a section. The types of pages are still same but the appearance has changed now. Most of the websites let the users see a glimpse of all the pages and let them choose which page they want to go with. The design is another major factor in appearance. For example, as soon as you enter the website of the Feed music, you will feel you are roaming in a cosmic realm.

Easy Navigation

This feature is very important especially for the e-commerce sites. For e-commerce websites or any website for that matter, it should be looked after that the user can find quickly what they look for and more importantly that should suffice their need. Most of the airline websites have usability issues but Virgin America stands apart from the lot. It is clear with instruction and navigation. One can book a flight without any hassle and confusion.


Content is perceived as the king in the website. Each user has the purpose of fetching information while surfing through different websites. Information is infused into content. However, the first two factors play a significant role in letting the users reach to the content. If a user finds it difficult to navigate, then there is fair chance that user would not visit the site again. However, a website should not start bombarding information, right from the Home page – most single paged websites do this. Even too much information does no good if not presented nicely.


Users quite often leave queries and questions on the website. Also, feedback is submitted for a particular product, service or for the website itself. Moreover, your website should be positively answering the question of the users. Unresponsive sites lessen traffic drastically and search engine algorithms send them into oblivion. Thus, design your UX in the best possible ways to provide the most impressive experience to the users and make sure to remain away from stagnancy.

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