5 Guidelines for writing SEO friendly content

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Nowadays when there are a million websites that cater to the need of the user for any particular piece of information, a system is required to filter and provide the best-suited link. This is achieved by Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. An SEO makes a national or international search to come up with a list of websites by an ascending order of rank. Now it is widely known that site’s popularity or income depends on the number of pings it gets. For this to happen, it is essential for the website to remain higher up in the ranks. And this is achieved by writing SEO friendly content. As with everything, there are ways to make the content better by following certain steps or guidelines. Below are certain aspects that should be kept in mind while writing.

5 Guidelines for writing SEO friendly content

  1. Use of keywords
  2. Research into the content
  3. Style of writing
  4. Provide links for required information
  5. Review of the article once written

1. Use of keywords:
Keywords are the instruments that recognize your content in a search. These are the words that are the user’s type in the search engines. Therefore, whenever anyone is writing these keywords should be researched and be mended in the piece. But the interesting thing is that too many keywords put together vaguely will only lead to loss of quality. Hence, the keywords though important should be managed with efficiency.

2. Research into the content:
The content that is displayed on the websites is for both the reader and the search engine. Thus the quality of the content should not falter in any manner whatsoever. It definitely should not be a couple of keywords strung together to form some coherent lines. The content should sufficiently answer all queries that anyone might have regarding the searched issue. For this thorough research has to be done by the person writing it so to include as much information as possible lucidly.

3. Style of writing:
The style of writing is what will keep the interest of a person that opens the website. It should be assumed that a reader has the attention span of a few seconds only. And these few seconds are the only window to impress that particular person. Long, tedious articles should be avoided as much as possible. The paragraphs need to be short and interesting. Bullet points, heading and subheadings can also be used to give more information concisely. In addition to this, it is vital that the content remains juicy and crisp.

4. Provide links for required information:
This facet can gleam from one of the most popular platforms in the world which is Wikipedia. Wikipedia not only provides you with a write-up of the information but also links and sub-links to information wherever possible. This is because you cannot assume a reader to believe everything you say or narrate. Proof should be provided as much as possible to convince the user and give the website a seal of trust.

5. Review of the article once written:
No matter how much proficiency one may have in typing, it is not harmful to give it a read up once. As any typo or any inconvenience for that matter lowers the traffic in a website. It shows a certain degree of incompetence on the part of the writers and the editors. Moreover, it is only logical to spend a few minutes revising the work rather than lose faith with the readers.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will get the SEO content that works the best for you.

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